Book Circulation
K-4 students are regularly scheduled for a thirty minute visit each week to the library. Each student is  allowed to check out one book
which is normally due the same day of the following week. If needed, a student has the option of renewing this book unless another one has
requested it.  In the event the student forgets to return his/her library book on the due date, they forfeit their right to check out
another one that particular week.  Since secondary students' interests and reading levels are so different, they are not limited to the number of books that can be checked out at a time.  This of course depends on the quantity of books in the subject area that is being researched and teacher requirements in the particular assignment. Secondary students may check out their library books for a period of two weeks unless restrictions have to be applied.  If needed, they also have the option of renewing their books for an additional two-week period.

Book Returns
In order to avoid confusion, all students must return their library books to the circulation desk so that they can be properly checked in the computer database.

Overdue Books
Presently, the library staff charges elementary and secondary students $.05 overdue fine each day the item is late and this is never to exceed the actual price the library paid for the book.

Presently, the library collection consists of over 8,000 books which were primarily acquired to support the academic curriculum of Athens Bible School.   The website ( serves as the catalog or index to the collection.   Patrons can click here to see if the library has the book they need.  In the event of technical difficulties, the Sears Subject Headings, The Library of Congress Subject Headings or a librarian can be consulted to pinpoint the Dewey Decimal Classification area in which a needed book can be located.

Internet Access
The World Wide Web is available to the faculty, staff, and students of Athens Bible School in the library and student usage is closely monitored. Those who abuse this privilege will be subject to punishment.

Periodical Indexes
As a result of so many full-text articles now being made available on the Internet , the library has greatly reduced the number of periodicals to which it subscribes. The faculty, staff, and students are currently encouraged to consult the Alabama Virtual Library and The Athens State University Library website to meet their reference needs.  Library usage instruction is provided at both the Athens Bible School Library and the Athens State University Library.

Lost Books
See either librarian for assistance.

Library Hours
The library operational hours are the same as those of the school.

Library Personnel
Mrs. Linda Harwell (256) 232-3525; Selection 6 on the campus voicemail.
Mr. Timothy D. Williams (256) 232-3525; Selection 6 on the campus voice mail.