Better Education on a Better Foundation

From the President

   As I continue my work at Athens Bible School, I am both humbled and honored to serve in the capacity of Principal/President.  I am thankful that the Board of Directors has allowed me to continue to work with such remarkable young people.  The good homes from which our students hail certainly make the work at ABS enjoyable and rewarding.   I believe I am speaking for the entire faculty and staff when I say it is a joy to work with these students, in this place. It reaffirms to me that the students at ABS are exceptional, not only academically, but socially, athletically, and especially and most importantly, spiritually.

   There are many new and exciting endeavors on our horizon here at Athens Bible School.  We have reached a new academic milestone.  Since beginning my work here, I have labored diligently to improve the academic courses that we offer to our students.   Our partnership with Calhoun Community College allows our students to excel like never before. We have substantially increased the number of Dual Enrollment classes that are available to our students. Our students can now begin earning college credit as early as their sophomore year of high school.   We had five young ladies in the Class of 2017 graduate with an Associate of Science Degree two weeks before graduating with their High School Diploma. This was a watershed moment for the Dual Enrollment program.  I estimate that eventually as many as 75% of all ABS students can accomplish the goal of an Associate's Degree by high school graduation.  The Class of 2018 will graduate with an average of more than 35 collegiate semester hours through our Dual Enrollment program.  

   I have enjoyed watching our students excel academically and socially as well.  Our many clubs and organizations allow students with various talents and interests to find their niche in our school.  Students interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field well appreciate our award-winning Robotics Team and our Science Club, while others may enjoy exploring the past with our History Club or pursuing their academic, artistic and musical interests through our Beta Club.  These organizations allow our students to learn both in and out of the classroom and explore their options for the future career choices that are just ahead of them. 

  Athletically, Athens Bible School has a wide variety of sports that span every season of play.  We continue to carry on the  excellent legacy of the many athletes that have competed throughout the years.  Each sport is coached by a large team of volunteer coaches who take time not only to teach our students the fundamentals of their sport, but also to teach them to be gracious, humble, and sportsmanlike  both on and off the field of play.  We have several sports that hold State Championship titles, and our school is regularly competitive on the local and state level.  

   As I say often, the most important impact that we can impress on our students in the time they are here is spiritual.  Beginning every day with chapel and Bible classes, where our students are encouraged to immerse themselves into the word of God, seeking His guidance and emphasizing Him in all that we do is what makes Athens Bible School a very special place. I truly believe that if we “train up a child in the way he should go; when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  I enjoy serving in this safe and wholesome environment where children are taught by solid, outstanding educators who are good role models, after which young lives can be patterned.

    As we move forward in the construction of a new building, the future of Athens Bible School has never looked brighter.  I ask that you join me as we enter into this new and exciting endeavor.  Our Board of Directors is diligently promoting our Capital Campaign in order to give our students a new facility in which we can continue to grow and develop. I ask for your continued assistance, support and prayers for this wonderful institution.

Randall L. Adams